Excellent Asphalt Repair Solutions for Your Pavement

Potholes and unfavorable weather conditions are the number one causes of car accidents and vehicle damage. As a reputable contractor for the Perris, CA vicinity, we deal with all sorts of asphalt repair jobs, both residential and commercial. The following is how West Coast Paving can assist you.

Asphalt Repair

Our experienced technicians know how asphalt potholes form and adhere to the relevant industry regulations when conducting such projects. Our company offers top-quality asphalt repair services, including slurry sealing, resurfacing, line striping, overlays, and hot patching. Striving to achieve your surface’s ultimate strength and durability, our team will first carefully check the materials and determine which methods will be appropriate to prolong the life of the pavement. Surface patching is one of the most typical techniques that we implement in our work. Partial patching that grinds off the top 2–3 inches of asphalt is also a good option, and removal & replacement patching is a more permanent way of repairing deteriorated asphalt.

With our thorough inspections and asphalt paving methods, we ensure the utmost durability for your pavements. Our contractor has an extensive track record in the industry, and we take great pride in our efficient and affordable services. Our team always recommends our customers contact us when the smallest cracks and holes occur because once they grow in-depth, it becomes impossible to fix them, and the asphalt will need replacing. With our professional patchwork, crack filling, slurry sealing, and other services, you will swiftly improve your property’s curb appeal and restore the condition of your driveways, parking lots, roads, and more. When the time comes for you to contact a professional company to handle your asphalt repair needs, get in touch with our experts. We have many years of industry experience and know-how.

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If you have any inquiries about our services or pricing policy, feel free to reach West Coast Paving at (951) 228-7570. Our work is 100% code-complaint, and we also provide free upfront estimates. If you are in the Perris, CA area, call our team now.

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